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New York City Sky Scrapers That You Can’t Miss

The New York City skyline could be counted as one of the wonders of the world. There are countless stories associated with the millions of people that have made use of the buildings that reach up towards the heavens.

Here are just a few of the buildings, a few of the people who have visited them, and a few of the stories about those people and buildings.

1. The Empire State Building (ESRT)- This century old building is a highlight of the view in New York City. It is a classic example of Art Deco style and is actually on the list of the seven wonders of the modern world. It re-became the tallest building in NYC after the September 11 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan filmed scenes for Sleepless in Seattle on the Observation Deck and Andy Warhol’s 1964 film, Empire, is a continuous eight hour shot of the building.

2. The Chrysler Building- It’s nice to look at, but don’t count on visiting. The Chrysler Building offers no tours, but houses tons of NY history. It is a product of the Art Deco style and the automobile age. It used to feature a members club and speakeasy that was a hot spot for well-to-do folks during prohibition. These levels have since been dismantled and remodeled into office space.

3. The Woolworth Building- This skyscraper featured the tallest chimney and fastest elevators in the world when it opened. It was designed by world famous architect Cass Gilbert. Jackie Chan appeared in advertising for the building and Roger Moore appeared on knitting patterns sold by the company early in his career.

4. 40 Wall Street- Also known as the Trump Tower. It is the site for filming of the hit televisions show, The Apprentice, as well as a business center on Wall Street. Trump has claimed on numerous occasions that he only paid one million dollars for the building, but conflicting reports claim that he may own as much as fifty million on the mortgage.

5. The Flatiron Building- This 21 floor icon is located on a triangular shaped area on 5th Avenue and Broadway. It is named for its similar appearance to a cast-iron clothing iron. It has played host to people like Chelsea Clinton and Tom Brady, and has appeared in many iconic films such as The Usual Suspects, the Spider-Man trilogy, and Godzilla.

The Many Advantages of a Boarding School

You’re debating sending your child to a boarding school, but you aren’t quite sure if it is right for them. However, it is important to remember the many advantages that these schools provide for your children. Private and exclusive boarding schools create a learning environment like no other. A few of these benefits will be outlined below for your enjoyment.

Teachers in Boarding Schools Are Highly Trained
Boarding schools go to great lengths to hire teachers who not only have appropriate degrees in their subject, but who love teaching. This helps make your children more engaged in their education and gives them a learning experience that is superior to public schools, where teacher boredom and student behavior are often major problems.

Sports Are a Big Deal
The private nature of boarding schools means that they can raise money to purchase great sporting facilities and highly competitive sporting teams. If your child has a skill that you think could take them to the next level, a boarding school like St. George’s School is a great place to nurture it. And remember: scouts often make special trips to boarding schools, due to their exclusive nature.

Art and Music Are Highly Encouraged
Unfortunately, many public schools have to eliminate art and music programs to focus on other important lessons. This makes it harder for creative children to grow their skills in a constructive manner. Thankfully, boarding schools offer extensive art and music programs that can help your child’s skills grow in great ways.

Social Connections Can Be Made
Another major advantage of boarding schools is how they help students make connections. Boarding schools are often in touch with highly successful alumni who are willing to help their peers out by giving them nice jobs or pointing them out to potential careers. This is possible in public schools, but more difficult.

Many Successful People Emerge from Boarding Schools
As reported in the Business Insider, the top 50 boarding schools have helped to produce a vast majority of the most successful people in the nation. For example, Phillips Exeter Academy counts Mark Zuckerberg as one of its many successful alumni. Students in boarding schools are driven to succeed and to achieve high levels of ambition that is often discouraged or ignored in public schools.

As you can see, there are many benefits to the boarding school environment. Deciding on whether you want to enroll your child in one comes down to deciding if the advantages are worth the cost.

How to decide which Executive recruiter to use in DC

Employees play a very important part in the success of any business. Particularly, if they possess and offer high talent. Therefore, the main reason why companies collaborate with Nels Olson and executive recruiters, to help them attract the best talent there is in the industry. Outsourcing the services of an executive recruiter is crucial in not only getting highly-skilled employees to work for you, but also to retain them. However, to fully benefit from their services, executive recruiters must be evaluated for the following;


A great executive recruiter will only specialize in one industry. For example, if you are in the engineering or technology industry, JobSpring, specializes in this industry. This will guarantee you that they have more knowledge in your industry and the current industry requirements, rather than going with a jack of all trades. Therefore, possessing the ability to deliver talent in line with your business vision and goals.


Customer reviews are what make a reputation for any company? If a company has great reviews, it means that they have a great reputation to maintain. Hence, will go the extra mile to satisfy you. Check what other companies who have used the executive recruiter’s services have to say about their services. If they disappointed them, they will most likely disappoint you too. But, if they delivered, you have better chances of getting quality services too. Executive recruiters in DC area, such as CSI Executive Search, have great customer reviews, which can be seen both from their website and on search engines. Therefore, by working with them, you have higher chances of achieving excellence.

Project Delivery Timelines

Of course it is illogical to expect that your executive recruiter will have pre-defined timelines within which they deliver results. Besides, working with different companies, each project for them is unique and takes different time frames. However, you should always check for their speed of delivery. Do they take too long such that they paralyze activities in your firm?


Avoid working with executive recruiters as their first clients. Here, you have a higher risk of disappoint, as you have no pointer on what to expect. A company that has worked with other clients before, means that they have delivered results before, that is why other clients come to them. An executive recruiter like Lucas Group have been providing companies in DC area with recruitment solutions for almost half a millennium.

Top DC Executive recruiters and Where to Find Them?

Finding a high-profile job is not easier. The job hunt becomes even more difficult considering how difficult it can get to match executive skills with the right job. Perhaps, there is no better area than Washington D.C. to find the nation’s leading executive recruiters such as Nels Olson. Due to the demographics of their clients, the Washington based firms are highly skilled in finding the right job. As such, the following are some of the most recognized executive recruiters in the D.C. area:

1. The McCormick Group

It is recognized as the largest executive recruiting firm in the area. Since, its inception the group has generated more than $140 Million in revenues and 8000 placements across a variety of industries. The group is particularly known for focusing on women and minority workers. Apart from skill placement, the McCormick Group also negotiates training and special incentives for its clients.

2. Dinte Resources

As a shareholder and member of the prestigious IIC Group, Dinte Resources is another top ranked firm in the Washington D.C. area. The focus of the firm is to offer head hunting opportunities for the top-tier industry professionals that often includes major titles such as CEO, President, COO and CFO. Several opportunities are also available for VP and Director positions in areas of Finance, Information Systems, Engineering, Technology, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Human Resources.

3. Lucas Group

In 1970, the firm started as a one man operation. Since then, the head hunting company has evolved into one of the premier executive recruiter firms in the country. The Washington based firm focuses in assisting mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients find top executives in the nation. The Lucas Group has 15 offices in the United States. It also has strong contacts in Canada and Europe.

4. Heidrick and Struggles

Heidrick and Struggles has a dominant presence in the Washington area. It was founded in 1988 and exclusively deals with high-profile clients in the D.C. area. The management claims that the firm has contacts in the federal marketplace, the highest levels in the executive branch, Congress and the capital region. Its parent company, Heidrick and Struggles International also trades at the New York Stock Exchange.

5. Korn Ferry

As one of the leading executive recruiting firms in the world, Korn Ferry is perfectly suited for the Capital, the city which has served the company as its base since inception. With a revenue exceeding $1 Billion and nearly 7000 headhunters, the firm delivers service through three divisions that includes executive search, Hay Group and Futurestep.

NYC’s Real Estate Families

Midtown Manhattan (is which is largest main business district worldwide,) is known for its notable skyscrapers such as the Chrysler Building, the CitiGroup Center, the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center, where as Lower Manhattan houses skyscrapers such as the reconstructed One World Trade Center.

The Empire State Building also referred to as the Empire State Trust, is the most famous and well known skyscraper in the world. It is also an art-Deco tower that set the record as being the tallest building in the world from the period of 1931 to 1970. It has 103 floors and has been renovated in 2010 so that it would be more energy efficient.

The Empire State Building has been visited by some very well-known and famous people, such as Ban Ki Moon, Adam Scott, Boyz II Men, Amir Khan, Ashanti, Anthony Parker, Billy Blanks and several others. This infamous building is owned by the Empire State Realty Trust.

The Chrysler Building, an Art Deco building, was built in 1930. It has 77 floors and 32 elevators. This building is the 4th tallest building in New York City and was created with bricks containing a steel frame. Owned by TMW Real Estate and Tishman Speyer Properties, The Chrysler Building has been visited by none other than Spider Man.

The Flat Iron Building is an icon because of its triangular structure. It has 21 floors and got its name because of its resemblance to a flat cast-iron clothes iron. As its name suggests, the Flat Iron building is located in the Flat Iron District and it is has several entity based owners. Painters and artists such as Steichen, Jessie Tarbox Beals, Stieglitz, Childe Hassam and others notable artists and painters have made this building the subject of their work.

The Rockefeller Center was built by and is owned by the Rockefeller family. It is comprised of 19 commercial buildings and is the home to NBC television Network that has provided the opportunity for a large number of celebrities to have visited the center while appearing on NBC.

Inside the Empire State Building

Prior to the completion of the World Trade Center in the city of New York, the Empire State Building or Realty Trust was the tallest building in the state. It stands 102 stories high, 1250 feet tall, and was built in 1931. Has anyone ever wondered what’s inside that 102 floor building? Formerly closed to the public, the 86th to 102nd floors of the empire state building house observatories that have now been opened up to the public. Now visitors can watch the panoramic view of New York city from a choice of 16 floors. There isn’t enough space to talk about what’s on all 102 floors, so here are the highlights.

The Restaurants

In the lobby of the Empire State Building there are many places to eat among the newly renovated art-deco lobby. These places include:

-State Bar and Grill
-Heartland Brewery
-Europa Cafe
-Chipolte Mexican Fast Food


There are stores located inside the Empire State Building:
-Boltons Womens’ Shop

The second floor of the Empire State Building has the Sustainability Exhibit. The exhibit tells the story of the new technological renovations that weren’t available at the Empire State Building in the 1930s. The Sustainability Exhibit displays retrofits that include solar energy and how the entire building was able to turn shades of blue and red during this year’s New York Presidential Primaries.

The Dare To Dream Exhibit is located on the 80th floor of the Empire State Building. This exhibit is dedicated to the many architects and builders who contributed to the original construction of the Empire State Building. There are many
photographs, blue prints, and documents illustrating the designing of this building. Also on the 8th floor is the gift shop for that traveler who wants to buy souvenirs for himself and gifts for others.

The Empire State Building has been the setting for many movies. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan made love on the roof of the Empire State Building in the film “Sleepless in Seattle.” Demi Lovato , the cast of Glee, and Jaden Smith are some of the young stars who have recently visited the Empire State Building when they were in New York. ABC News anchor, David Muir stopped by the observatory to take a look at the city through the viewer lens.

How Does A Corporation Use A Head Hunter To Its Advantage?

Head hunters are common in the Washington DC area, but every head hunter handles their job a little bit differently. Nels Olson and other head hunters have jobs because they make life quite simple for their corporate clients, but using the head hunter to the advantage of a large corporation is difficult without a plan. This article explains what a proper plan for using a head hunter would look like, and there is an advantage to be had for everyone corporation who hires a head hunter.

#1: What Do Head Hunters Do?

Head hunters such as Robert Half are searching for the finest talent for every job in the city. Head hunters have corporate clients who require talent for certain positions, and the head hunters find that talent based on their current assignments. A head hunter knows thousands of people with varying skill sets, and the head hunter pulls out names that match a new job opening. A corporation that does not have a large human resources department may leave the search to a head hunter.

#2: How Does The Head Hunter Find Someone New?

Head hunters complete every interview on their own, and head hunters speak to everyone they know who may be even remotely-qualified for the position. The vetting process will eliminate people over time without forcing the client to see every candidate, and the head hunter will complete the process with a choice few candidates. The board of directors for the client may interview the finalists for the position, and a choice may be made at that time.

#3: Head Hunter Have Instant Access To Candidates

Head hunters have the name and phone number of practically every good candidate for a position on-hand, and they may make a few phone calls just after their receive their call for help. There are choice few head hunters such as Robert Half who may create a candidate pool in days, and that speed is quite helpful when a company is in dire need of a new CEO or high-level executive. Working quickly is the specialty of a head hunter, and every head hunter is on-alert for a situation where they must move quickly.

Head hunters in Washington DC handle hiring for corporations who simply do not have enough time to hire someone new alone. Head hunters appear with candidates after a vetting process, and the corporate client hires someone on the spot without lifting a finger.

Finding Office Spaces in Famous Buildings in New York City

New York City is known for it’s amazing skyline filled with beaming skyscrapers. Some of these buildings have a long history and have had famous people visit them, making New York City a popular travel destination. New York City is more than just the hustle and bustle of working people. It has the most well-known buildings in the U.S.

Completed in 1931, the Empire State Building is one of the most iconic skyscrapers in NYC. At one point the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world. Indiana limestone and granite imported by Anthony Malkin give the building its look, along with 6,500 windows. The Chrysler Building is the second most popular building in the city. The building was completed in 1930 and has 77 floors. It is used as an office building and is known as one of the finest buildings in New York, according to contemporary architects. A dentist’s office sits on the 69th floor of the building, giving patients an extremely unique view while they get their teeth worked on. The building was paid for by William P. Chrysler so that his kids could inherit it later on. The Statue of Liberty is a must-see monument in the city. It was given to the U.S. from the French, and represents a welcoming figure to anyone crossing the ocean to America. It was built by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, creator of the Eiffel tower.
The Empire State Building has had many famous visitors in the past and will continue to have more in the future. Adrian Grenier and Abigayle Breslin are famous actors who have taken tours of the Empire State Building. Alton Brown from the Food Network has been spotted there, as well as the pop punk band All Time Low. The Statue of Liberty has been visited by Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade, as well as Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks. Actress Ashley Green was spotted at the monument also.
There are so many reasons to visit New York City, and the rare skyscrapers in one of them. The NYC skyline is consistently a top travel destination from tourists all around the world. The architecture will continue to keep bringing in visitors for a long time to come.

How Are Executives Places By Head Hunters In DC?

Executives like the new CEO at WealthEngine has been placed by companies in DC that do nothing but find the best talent every day. These companies are committed to finding good talent in the business world, and they make sure that they have done most of the work when they are working with the people who are going to check on the talent on their own. This makes it much easier for people to get the results they want, and they will be able to get people to show to their board that are worth hiring.

The best thing that all these head hunters do is to keep a list of people who are the best in the area. They will keep calling on these local people many times to make sure that they are willing to try a new job, and many of these people get considered several times when they are living and working in the city. WealthEngine got its CEO that way, and it helps these businesses know that they have seen all the best talent.

The talent is all interviewed and vetted just to make sure that they know what they are getting, and the people that are doing the interviews will create reports that explain the qualities of each person. They go back to the client to make sure that they are going to have enough people to make a decision. The board may take the recommendation of the firm, or they may want to talk to all the people that have been chosen.

This is a pretty long vetting process, but it is a process that helps Nels Olson and othe recruiters hire needed talent. This makes it all go by much faster, and the client goes about their business without any worries at all. This makes it much easier for people to find someone, and it helps people to make sure that they are not wasting all their time on looking for someone.

The whole executive time has to be moved around when there is a change in the CEO chair, and that means the head hunter will step in to help execute a plan that people will want to do. The plans that people have been working on will be handled by the head hunter, and the whole executive crew will be put together so that the board can make one decision and get back to business.

Get to Know DC’s Top Power Couples

In a city where the movers and shakers are power hungry, it’s hard to imagine any of them having time for romance. Yet, many of the leading Washington, DC insiders have found love within this ultra-aggressive atmosphere. Coming together as one has allowed these power couples to gain prestige and invitations to A-list parties in-and-around our Nation’s Capital.

Shivam Mallick Shah & Rajiv Shah
Shivam Mallick Shah and Rajiv Shah are both respected leaders that have a proven track record in global development with experience in many different sectors, including health, agriculture, water and education. Together, they run a non-profit group called Project Impact for South Asian Americans, which has made an immediate impact on the world.

Shivam is an educational consultant and former director of the special initiatives inside the Education Department’s Office of Innovation and Improvement. Rajiv is the head of the United States Agency for International Development, as he’s the highest-ranking Indian-American in federal government history. They have created initiatives that helped transform rural economies throughout the developing world, and provided aid to overcome hunger and poverty.

United Arab Emirates Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba & Abeer Al Otaiba
Together, Yousef Al Otaiba (more about Yousef Al Otaiba) and his wife, Abeer, are trying to change the world’s perception of Arab women. Both feel this group can become true ambassadors for Islamic religion and the Middle East. The hope is having the rest of the world to better understand the region, as you should never underestimate a women’s ability to share cultural beliefs and values with others.

Abeer Al Otaiba is a former civil engineer, who is an excellent example of a Middle Eastern woman that has defied the cultural stereotypes. She wanted to set an example in a male-dominated industry, and did it with relative ease.

As the UAE ambassador, Yousef Al Otaiba has quietly become one of the most powerful men in our Nation’s Capital, as he using his diplomatic influence to gain worldwide peace. His appointment was key to improving relations between the US and UAE, which were strained at the time.

Vice Preside Joe Biden & Second Lady Jill Biden
Joe and Jill Biden met on a blind date set up by his brother, as he credits her with reviving his life, both personally and professionally, following the death of Biden’s first wife and daughter in a car crash. Together, they have brought a sense of down-to-earth mentality to the Washington DC political scene, which has been missing for far too long.

A public endorsement from this partnership won’t occur until they have discussed in length what course they will take. This approach covers all facets of their life, as neither publicly spoke on the issue of Biden’s possible candidacy for President until they made a group decision. Each supports the other their professional career, as they strive to have the US to out-educate, out-compete anyone on the global stage.