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How Do Buildings Use Green Technology in New York City?

New York City Buildings like Anthony Malkin’s Empire State Building which are built or retrofitted using green technology are outpacing other cities around the world. New York is one of the most resourceful cities in the world, and green technology comes in many forms. A few examples are quite unconventional, but these forms of green technology help businesses to remain as friendly to environment as possible.

Planting Gardens

There are gardens sitting on the tops of buildings all over the city that bring fresh air and filter water. A garden on top of a building helps to soak up the heat, and a few solar panels make these gardens perfect producers of electricity. The gardens will filter water that can be put into a tank, or the plants can be used to feed the people in the building.

Moss is being grown on buildings to help absorb heat, and the biggest heat waves in the history of the city are not nearly as bad when a building is insulated by plants. This kind of innovation helps people do their own green technology for almost no cost at all.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are not expensive units that you must spend millions of dollars installing and maintaining. You can put in solar panels for not much money, and you can collect energy that will be used in the building. The rest of the energy can be sold to a power company, and you will soak up all the sun that hits the roof or the side of your building. There is so much surface area in New York that you can get all the energy you need easily.

Water Filtration Systems

A large water tank that collects rainwater can be used to filter water and give people something to drink for weeks at a time. Collecting the summer and fall rains helps prevent wear on the city’s systems, and the buildings that collect this water can be completely self-sufficient without using the city water lines. This kind of green technology makes life better for everyone, and the water is cleaner overall.

The green technology taking hold in New York is removing the carbon footprint from many buildings, and the people that use this technology can manage it themselves. Someone who wants to help the environment can make a small investment in this technology, but the technology will go a long way to making the world a better place.

Learn How to Adapt to a New Society


aroundtheworldAre you planning on moving to a new location? Whether you are moving to a different region in your country or moving abroad, joining a new society is not always easy. There may be different customs, laws, languages, and general ways of life that you are not familiar with. While it goes without saying that a certain amount of research will be needed before you adapt to a new society and that there will probably be a learning curve you can use the following information to help you adapt to a new society.

Do Your Research

Your first step in adapting to a new society is to do some research. Read a couple books about this society and read about their history online. Learn as much as you can; though, you do not need to be able to recite their entire history from memory. Just get a general sense of how their society originated and some of the major historical events. These events could play a large part in local customs and traditions. Which brings us to the next step – learning their customs.

Learning Local Customs

Learning the local customs of the society you will be joining is very important. This can help you avoid major misunderstandings. Something could be completely acceptable in your society could be taboo in your new home. In many cultures, religion plays a big part in local customs. Find out what the predominant religion is and if there are any major customs tied to this.

8088579_f520Along with customs, you should also discover the local laws and regulations. Every country, sometimes even different cities, have varied laws and standards that you will have to follow. The penalties for committing crimes can also vary widely from society to society. The bottom line is that you need to respect the laws and customs of the society you are joining if you want to make it your home.

Learn the Language

If the area you are going to be moving to is inhabited by people that predominantly speak a different language you may want to take the time to learn this language before moving. You will not become an expert overnight or even from a basic home lessons, but this can help you get started and understand the basics of speech. The best way to truly learn a new language is through complete immersion. This means living in an area where your new language is the primary language spoken by locals and used on signs and media. If you have already learned the basics of this new language, then you may be surprised with how quickly you pick up common phrases and slang.

Make Friends In Your New Society

It can sometimes be difficult to make new friends, especially in a new society that you are not familiar with yet. If you are moving due to work then the first place to start is with your coworkers. Perhaps there are others in your office that have emigrated from another country or area. If this is not an option then consider taking part in local activities or organizations. This is always a good way to meet new people and get to know the community.

SocietyMgntSystemLIn the end, most people will find parts of moving to a new region and adapting to a new society difficult. Just follow these tips and relax. Try to enjoy yourself and get to know the society where you are going to be living. It may take time to truly fit in, so just take it one day at a time and respect the ways and traditions of the region. Hopefully, you will come to love this new society and culture. Thanks for reading, if you want further advice or have a comment, leave us a message.