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Why Eating Less Meat is Better for You and the Environment

Anyone paying attention to climate change knows that it is more than just carbon emissions from cars or factories. Recent, unsustainable agricultural practices have been called out for their immense impact on the environment. Waste output, water consumption, and land requirements needed for pasture animals is incredibly high and struggling for sustainability considering today’s growing populations.

Top DC Executive recruiters and Where to Find Them

With slightly over 50% of its residents holding college degrees, Washington DC is said to be the most competitive market for college graduates. The existence of many qualified candidates and job openings per capita has seen Nels Olson, and many other top-notch recruiters set up shop in the area. According to, the highest paying

How Do Buildings Use Green Technology in New York City?

New York City Buildings like Anthony Malkin’s Empire State Building which are built or retrofitted using green technology are outpacing other cities around the world. New York is one of the most resourceful cities in the world, and green technology comes in many forms. A few examples are quite unconventional, but these forms of green