FEMA and ADS Team up in Joint Exercise this Past October

ADS Inc. recently provided equipment and FEMA training in support for disaster relief. They held a FEMA USAR training event in Virginia Beach where on-site support and equipment were provided. The training included lifting and moving, breaking and breaching, and shoring. Being a proud supporter of the personnel and initiatives of FEMA, ADS also provided them with the Team Wendy EXFIL Search and Rescue (SAR) helmets to evaluate and test FEMA trainees during training.

More About these Team Wendy EXFIL Search and Rescue (SAR) Helmets

These helmets meet three of the four requirements that FEMA has set forth. Those requirements are as follows: EN1385:2012 for Whitewater Helmets, AR/PD 10-02 Rev A for Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), and EN12492:2012 for Mountaineering Helmets. These helmets have additional tactical night vision mounting and accessory capabilities. And their specifications include the following: Weight: 1.59 lbs. (0.72kg), dimensions: 29cm x 25cm x 17cm, and colors: USCG Orange, White, Red, Black, Blue, and Yellow.

The Volunteers of FEMA

The members of FEMA include volunteers ranging from temporary local hires and reservists to on-call response/recovery team. Their emergency response team is trained in areas including Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT), Mobile Emergency Response Support (MERS), Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT), and the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS). Also, the trainees of FEMA USAR come from various regions, including Pennsylvania, Panama, Washington, and Ohio.

A Solid Training Day

ADS Inc. is very supportive of FEMA, and thus, they recently provided equipment and FEMA training in support for disaster relief this past October. To find out more about this training and more, a form can be submitted on their ADS site. More information about their FEMA approved products are also provided on this site as well as any other related question or when needing a quote.