Great Islamic Charity Organizations

Participating in charity is a significant cornerstone of the Islamic faith. Several of its teachings emphasize the need to share with the less fortunate in the society. According to the Quran, giving should be done in prosperity or adversity without fear, and a sincere act of giving shall bring abundant reward to the giver. It further emphasizes that all humanity should care and show compassion to one another. ‘Zakat’ or almsgiving is one of the central pillars of Islam that requires every adult to give a percentage of his wealth every year. This is dedicated to helping the poor and the orphans.
There are quite a number of Islamic humanitarian groups in the USA. Generally, they all aim at giving sustainable livelihoods to all humans regardless of their nationality, race, color, cultural, religious or political affiliation.

Islamic Relief-USA (IRUSA)
IRUSA is a nonprofit organization with its headquarters in Washington DC, and its networks spread across over 34 countries. Its mission is to alleviate suffering, hunger, illiteracy and disease regardless of color, race, gender or creed, and to provide aid in a compassionate and dignified manner. In the event of human or natural calamities, IRUSA offers immediate as well as sustainable livelihood support to affected individuals.
In Washington DC, the organization has benefited thousands of needy people. It partners with other local organizations to serve its neighbors. Some of these local nonprofit developments include the Arlington Food Assistance Center, United Way of the National Capital Area and the USDA’s Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood. It usually hosts Day of Dignity, an annual event that brings together individuals with the aim of providing basic commodities and services to the needy. They are given free medical care and screening, and distributed with food, clothing, bedding among others.
IRUSA partners with United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to support projects that give aid to refugees in the Gaza strip.It has 4-star rating by Charity navigator, and has received awards and accreditation from organizations such as International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and Combined Federal Campaign.It has also been recognized by United Nations Relief and Works Agency, for their immense support to Palestinian refugees in the Gaza strip.
⦁ Mercy-USA
This is another top humanitarian-aid organization in Michigan, USA. Its goal is to alleviate human suffering, and provide a source of livelihood to individuals and communities.
It mainly focuses on providing basic human needs namely; clean water, health care, nutrition and education. Mercy- the USA has been greatly involved in providing the much-needed humanitarian food and medical aid to Syrian families, after the Aleppo crisis.
Mercy-USA is also rated 4-star by Charity Navigator.It is accredited and affiliated to United Nations, Combined Federal Campaign, the USAID among others
⦁ Life for Relief and Development (LIFE )
LIFE is one of the largest Islamic humanitarian organization started in Michigan.LIFE has networks in over 25 countries. Their mission is to alleviating human suffering regardless of race, color, religion, or cultural background. They strongly believe that saving lives is a priority to all mankind.
LIFE has contributed over $ 450 million towards charity. It contributes to providing basic needs to those affected in the war-torn areas of Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Somali.

⦁ Muslim Aid
Muslim Aid is based in London with networks in over 70 countries. Its goal is to indiscriminately help the poor overcome suffering endured due to natural disasters, and provide life’s basic needs. They seek to empower the community by enabling them to acquire education, skills and income generation projects.
Muslim Aid has responded to several emergency situations including the Southern Asia floods and the terror attacks in Aleppo and Gaza.