Ideas to Work Fund (IWF) Grant Program

The Impact of SourceAmerica’s Ideas to Work Fund (IWF) Grant Program
People living with disabilities have received recognition in most regions of the world. They are currently being given equal opportunities with others by many governments. Organizations such as AccessAbility and SourceAmerica have proven that people with disabilities can deliver desired company results when given the opportunity. There are a number of Organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, that have taken the initiative to present the interests of people living with disabilities. SourceAmerica is a perfect example of the governmental category.

SourceAmerica is one of the non-profit organizations established by the US federal government to support individuals with significant disabilities. Through Ideas to Work Fund Grant Program, one of its initiatives established in 2011, the organization has been able to offer non-repayable assets to charitable organizations so that they can provide more employment opportunities to people living with infirmities. The aim of the program is to inspire these charitable organizations to grow innovative and outstanding initiatives that are capable of providing job opportunities to people with disabilities.

Ideas Work Fund grant program provides individuals with the opportunities to discover their talent and abilities. The program achieves this by exposing individuals to an environment with several jobs as well as paid internships through pathway to careers program. This will allow them choose their careers.

Design Challenge is another initiative that allows people with disabilities receive free and tailored equipment to promote workplace efficiency and revenue increase. In this program, engineers compete by coming up with the most innovative technologies relative to these people’s needs.

More job opportunities have also be created through franchise programs. People with significant disabilities can be hired to do tasks such as organizing, merchandising, managing or even marketing depending on their specialization.
Quality Work Environment Initiative is also another initiative that ascertains, effects and provides employees with disabilities understanding on employers expectations, how to obtain a pay rise and other employee requirements at the work place.

SourceAmerica also has a program with experienced speakers that air out the aptitude and potentials of needy-people both in and out of the work environment. These speakers mobilize the public to treat people with disabilities with respect and provide them with equal-opportunities to display their talents and capabilities.

People living with disabilities must not be discriminated as all they need is support, platforms and opportunities. Stand with persons-with-disabilities as disability is not inability. All members of the society should support such initiatives as SourceAmerica.