InterAction has sworn to bring global change by joining hands with global NGOs and organizations

There are very few ways in which a society can fulfill its humanitarian responsibilities, one of which includes people joining hands for the betterment of the community, and raising a voice for the downtrodden. InterAction is one such organization, which is a merger between the non-profit organizations in Washington DC. This platform has allowed community workers and leaders to unite against societal problems. Just like their motto of unity, teamwork, and creating greater impact- many organizations with similar interests have joined this platform to bring about change. Proper planning is done under the leadership of professionals, and ideas are implemented by effective teamwork, which results in society reaping the benefits of that positive change. InterAction has made this organizational membership beneficial for the community and the non-profit organization as well. Through wider opportunities of growth and abilities, and proper guidance from professionals, InterAction has been able to bring many international organizations under its umbrella for global change. It is interesting to see that InterAction has been able to influence policy makers sitting in the Congress for humanitarian purposes, and has gathered 160 international, non-profit organizations in the name of humanity. These organizations come from different countries and are united by their struggle for human rights.

Islamic Relief is one of the organizations that is a part of InterAction. This organization is based in the USA and was formed in 1993. The aim and mission of this NGO are to work together to rid the world of poverty. This organization aims to help individuals and groups, regardless of their race, religion, and color. Islamic Relief believes that the values of the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have preached values of humanitarian services. Thus, they have implemented these values into their organization. Values of companionship, compassion for everyone, helping people in poverty, and lending resources have inspired Islamic Relief. Moreover, the belief that it is their social responsibility -for which they will be answerable to God- allows them to tackle poverty.
Americares is another organization working for the provision of health aid and innovative health programs. Founded in 1979, Americares believes that better health is the only way to ensure a brighter future of society. Through their targeted efforts and medical donations, Americares has helped 90 countries and all states of the USA.

American Refugee Committee has been working for 35 years to help refugees, displaced people, and survivors of calamities via volunteer. This NGO is known for gathering global volunteers and able bodies under the banner of global community work. Their mission is to provide relief from conflict and crisis.