NYC Skyscrapers Owned by ESRT

NYC skyscrapers owned by Tony Malkin and ESRT, which stands for Empire State Realty Trust, are under progress towards a brand new sight to see in New York City. It’s a new master antenna for FM radio. It will be the largest structure in the city once complete.

Set to be completed around the 2017, it will have an FM auxiliary combiner that is going to be the largest one yet. It will have 19 channels to offers some of the best radio today. The height is approximately 1,454 feet tall.

The Empire State Building is the most famous building in the city. It might even be the tops for the whole world. It’s up there with the best ones for sure. Energy efficiency and other aspects of the design have changed a bit over the years. It is far better today than before.

While that is exciting, there are many more to see while visiting New York City. The Willis Tower is another sight to see. At 108 stories, the Sears tower, which is now called the Willis Tower. It is an amazing building to take in.

Then there is the Bank of America Tower. Measuring at 1,200 feet, it was listed as the fifth tallest building in the city. It is one of the buildings guests to the city often overlook. While it is a bank, many people that are guests to the city go on tours which include this building as well.

Probably the most famous building today for visitors is the One World Trade Center, which is a replacement for the former World Trade Center. It measures 600 feet. Beneath that are in the surrounding buildings that are a bit smaller. All of that is in Memorial to those that lost their lives in the tragedy of the original World Trade Center.