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Famous Skyscrapers in the New York City Area to Visit

Broadway sings about it, newspapers write about, and everyone wants to see it: the beautiful city of New York. New York City is one of the most prominent and well-known cities in the United States. It is a melting pot boasting over 8.5 million residents and an estimated 60 million tourists in 2015. Thus, it

Professional DC Recruiters located in the Washington DC area

There are a variety of executive recruiters within the Washington DC area. An executive recruiter such as
Nels Olson will help place qualified candidates in a variety of jobs that fit their education level as well as their level of experience.

Commercial real estate’s top 50

As with every aspect of industry the top companies in the real estate sector are constantly moving up and down in positions of power that have been reflected in annual lists of the most successful and influential individuals in the industry. Real estate lenders are among the professional individuals and organizations who are consistently changing places in terms of their power and position within the industry; with lending showing a slight downturn compared to previous years the first financial year under the Trump Administration has seen a number of non-traditional lenders leap up the list of 50 most influential real estate companies. Those who made this year’s list include Steven Mnuchin, Andrew Farkas and George Klett, among others.

New head of school appointed at prestigious boarding school

Alixe Callen has been appointed the first woman Head of School, and the twelfth in the history of St. George’s, the elite Episcopalian private school in Rhode Island. She will assume her position of responsibility on July 1, 2017.

Using Executive Recruiters to the Advantage of the Business

A business that is using Lucas Group or Nels Olson’s Korn Ferry will find it quite simple to use these firms to find new executives. This article explains how a search firm will ensure there are many people to hire for an executive job, and they will learn which person is right for the job.

IGY Marinas Now In South Florida – Miami Beach

There is a wave of new news hitting the shores of One Island Park in Miami – IGY Marinas has expanded its presence into Miami Beach’s Terminal Island, which has created much excitement within the city and yachting community, as the awarding-winning service that IGY is known for is now available to the South Florida market.

World Famous Skyscrapers In New York City

New York is one of the world’s best known cities. It’s home to Wall Street, Broadway, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty and other popular entertainment and cultural sites. It’s also known for its iconic skyline. That skyline contains some of the planet’s most famous skyscrapers like the ESRT’s Empire State Building and One World

Professionals and Smart Money

In Washington, D.C., finding available top talent is a difficult task. The Nels Olson’s Korn Ferry and McCormick Group is one of the leading executive search firms in the D.C. area.
In business for over 40 years, they know this market likely better than any other firm. If you need to find talent in our nation’s capital, there is a firm that will find executives, and executive search firms. Many online outfits help top talent find placements, or get the attention of an executive search firm. It seems as if they plant the seeds of keeping top talent moving.

Marina Plans to Expand Its Services to One Island Park

The management of IGY Marinas, including Founder and Chairman Andrew Farkas is optimistic that Miami will be the new location for crew, owners and captains of super yachts. The marina is not subjected to the provisions of Captain of the Port (COTP) zone regulations. This rule allows yachts within South Florida waters to dock and depart at will. Considering that it is adjacent to the U.S. Coast Guard Station, One Island Park-Miami Beach is secure.

Non-profits that you can intern with

Islamic Relief USA. This is an International Programs Intern position in Alexandria, VA. This unpaid position contributes to the administration, monitoring, and improvement of development projects and relief. They seek an individual qualified, or with some experience or education in social research, program design, development, quantitative evaluation, or related fields.