Popular Middle Eastern Relief Programs

Crisis in the Eastern World. It has been televised repeatedly with cries for help and spread of awareness. Moreso in the Middle Eastern countries than anywhere else in the world today. From small starving and abused children, to entire families getting caught in the middle of religious violence and war.

It seems like these ugly things people do to each other just never stops. So we find ourselves asking how we can help being so far away and feeling so small in comparison. Here we will explore some of the relief programs which operate on a mass scale and could always use an extra hand.

Located in Alexandria, Virginia is the IRUSA Program(Islamic Relief USA). This program began in 1984 when some college students began a small operation in England helping to gather supplies for The Famine in The Horn of Africa. By 1994 the once small nest egg had gained helping hands to such a large scale they moved to California USA. After the attack of 9/11 this program moved to action collecting blood through blood drives to help save injured lives in the hospitals after the building collapse.

During the great earthquake in Iran the Islamic Relief Program had helped organize loving families for over 514 orphaned children. By 2004 the Islamic Relief program had locations all over the United States and volunteer’s worldwide leading to the Virginia location we are referring to today and continue to aid in all disasters and crisis as funding allows.

Another Volunteer company also located in Alexandria, Virginia is the United Muslim Relief or UMR. Offering Emergency Response Teams, Healthcare, Water and Sanitation Program, Orphan Care, Education and Livelihood. United Muslim Relief has been actively going for 25 years.

Celebrity Hugh Quarshie is currently one of the biggest voices for Islamic relief teams today. While Amir Khan World famous boxer also helped raise over 83,000 US dollars in just one match event to help during crisis in the Philippines. Over 1.4 Million twitter tweets from all over the world also helped promote this movement for Khan.

Helping make a difference can be exciting and help bring meaning to a life craving to do something spontaneous with a purpose. Volunteers worldwide contribute from home with small cash donations while others travel the world donating time, labor, and personal skills to aiding others. However you want to help when we come together there is nothing we cannot do.