Professionals and Smart Money

The most talented professionals are in high demand, and they are definitely not just sitting at home, waiting for the phone to ring. When looking for top talent, the pool of options gets smaller as the list of criteria and experience of desired candidates grows. It is almost impossible for someone who is already quite busy, likely running a business, to take the time out to compose the list of criteria they are looking for when hiring, and then to also go through the process of trying to locate appropriate candidates.

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find out when top talent that works at a competitor, is getting restless, and are maybe considering making a move. The CEO who is busy running her business will likely never hear about this, or will be nearly last in line when she does. Executive search firms work to keep top talent apprised of the very best opportunities, and also to match companies to that talent as it becomes available. It is a priceless exchange, and it has a nuanced life cycle all its own.

The art of cutting a deal is a facet of this process that no one considers, yet it goes on all the time. That said, a CEO is not inclined to go and try to cut a deal to have someone leave the company they are currently employed by to join another. I am sure it happens on golf courses, and in spas, but quite frankly, if someone would make that call, this is likely the most ideal of situations so as to not interrupt social enjoyment with too much business talk. Seeds can be planted, but having an executive search firm follow up is best.

In Washington, D.C., finding available top talent is a difficult task. The Nels Olson’s Korn Ferry and McCormick Group is one of the leading executive search firms in the D.C. area.
In business for over 40 years, they know this market likely better than any other firm. If you need to find talent in our nation’s capital, there is a firm that will find executives, and executive search firms. Many online outfits help top talent find placements, or get the attention of an executive search firm. It seems as if they plant the seeds of keeping top talent moving.

Whether in New York or Los Angeles, or Tokyo or London, using an executive search firm to help unearth the best match is a smart move. It also allows companies to remain focused on business, and assigns the task of finding appropriate candidates to the people that are fully aware of who they are.