The Governor Of The U.S. Virgin Islands Sets Up Committee To Address Hurricane Damage

The governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Kenneth E. Mapp, announced a new effort to address hurricane recovery. The islands had been hit by two hurricanes in 2017, Irma and Maria. He created an expert advisory committee which is tasked with coordinating the rebuilding efforts taking place as well as ways to make structures more resilient in the future.
Officially called the V.I. Hurricane and Resiliency Advisory Group, it will include both government officials and prominent people from the community. Also making up the committee will be experts in both the environment and business. Some of the committee members will be in other locations in the United States other than the U.S. Virgin Islands.
The advisory group is going to assess how much damage Maria and Irma did to the islands. It will also look forward 30 years to see how much potential there is for damage in the future. It will be considering climate change could increase the size and power of hurricanes coming in off the Atlantic. They will develop a plan for how to address the long-term security of people and structures on the islands as well as how to protect critical infrastructure such as the electricity network.
The advisory committee will develop a centralized process so that all of the money coming in to help can be used most effectively. It will also develop a plan to attract more help as the need is very great. Additionally, they are developing a plan to manage volunteer efforts so that help is given where it is most needed in a coordinated fashion.
The chairman of this advisory group was chosen to be Clifford Graham. He is the CEO and President of two businesses on the U.S. Virgin Islands, Havensight Mall and the West Indian Company. He had previously been a senator in the U.S. Virgin Islands Legislature.
Other members of this committee include Andrew Farkas of Resource America, Inc., Jerome Adams who is the U.S. Surgeon General and Elizabeth Armstrong, the Buccaneer Hotel’s general manager. Hans Lawaetz is the president of Annaly Farms, Inc. and Senator Novelle Francis, Jr. is presently serving in the U.S. Virgin Islands Legislature. Altogether there are 18 leaders on the committee and they have already started doing their work for the people on these islands.