The new head of school at St. George’s

Alixe Callen is the first woman to lead St. George’s School, a private school founded in the year 1896. She noted that during her first day she was welcomed with love as well as outpouring support at the reception in the campus center.

During an interview, Callen said that she was received by 50 young women each introducing themselves while young men didn’t come up afterward either.

She was very excited and proud as she thought about her great-grandfather and grandfather going there when it was all-male school. Even her uncle, who graduated in ’66. All of them attended this all-male school, and if they thought the fact she was leading the school, she would get a kick out of that.

Callen, 47, was born and raised outside of New York City. She is the wife of James Bailey and a mother of two, Zander, 18, and Miles 15. Zander is preparing to go to Middlebury College in Vermont in the course of this weekend, on the other hand, Mile is getting ready for his first year at St. George’s.

Alixe Callen is a graduate of a private high school near Boston, Milton Academy, and owner of bachelor’s and master’s degree from Brown University. She also earned a master’s and a doctorate from Harvard University.

It was in last year while serving as upper school director at Lakeside School in Seattle when Callen received a call from a personnel recruiter. She was asked by the recruiter whether she would be interested in becoming the new head of St. George’s School.

The inquiry interested Callen for some reasons. First and foremost is her family’s connection to the school in addition to the prestige as well as the quality of the institution.

Besides, Newport was a beautiful place, a special place for her and her family given the fact that she got engaged to Jim in that location. Also, she had lots of questions about what was happening at St. George’s.

Following what occurred over the past two years, two things had an impact on her as she was deciding whether to apply. One was the fact that she would read the actual report as well as the school’s commitment to transparency and ensure that what happened was investigated thoroughly. The other thing was the conversation she had with a board member early on in the search.