What Investors Look For In NYC Urban Real Estate Development

New York City is a hub for millions of residents who are attracted to the gorgeous amenities and efficient infrastructure. Joseph Sitt understands that the blend of culture makes the city irresistible to people who are looking to have a highly dynamic life. The development of real estate in the city is a contributing factor to the city’s indelible transformation. Developers in the city are on the lookout for accessibility, transport network, and zoning regulations when making critical investment decisions. Real estate companies like Joe Sitt, Kushner Properties, Ratner, and Toll Brothers have triggered the city’s growth, and they have been models of the factors that developers look for before investing in real estate in the city. When investing in the urban real estate, NYC, investors look for the following key factors.


As the old maxim goes, that location is everything in real estate investment, the truth also holds for the urban real estate in NYC. An informed investor will adeptly consider the location of a property before buying or developing it. Some of the areas may be well-developed and nearing their peak while others may be up-coming. Understanding such dynamics will be critical when assessing the value of the property. The five boroughs of the city do not have a homogenous development record. Understanding the real estate dynamics in each of them will be indispensable for the prospective investor. By making the right choice on location, an investor may find himself being a neighbor to celebrated individuals like Robert De Niro, Jerry Seinfeld, Tina Fey, Madonna, among others who enjoy the city’s fascinating amenities.


Most of the residents in New York prefer to purchase property that is located near major transit hubs. The city is well endowed with a dozen subway lines. Residents in the five boroughs can take rides in the subways while going to work. Therefore, buying property that allows the residents to access the transport facilities is a primary consideration. However, some of the areas in the city such as Upper East Side are not extensively served by the subways, and it may require an individual to walk a few blocks before accessing a subway.

Zoning laws

Most of the parts in the city are under the strict regulation of the city authority. Such regulations may hinder expansion of buildings to a limited number of floors. An investor should find out the laws governing the location of interest to ascertain whether it meets his investment needs. With these reflections, an investor will never go wrong in the wonderful city.