World Famous Skyscrapers In New York City

New York is one of the world’s best known cities. It’s home to Wall Street, Broadway, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty and other popular entertainment and cultural sites. It’s also known for its iconic skyline. That skyline contains some of the planet’s most famous skyscrapers like the ESRT’s Empire State Building and One World Trade Center that Janet Jackson, Donald Trump, Bruce Willis and many other well-known celebrities enjoy visiting.

One World Trade Center

This 1,776 foot tall building was built in 2014. Originally it was called the Freedom Tower in remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy and the Twin Towers. It’s the Western Hemisphere’s tallest and the world’s 6th tallest building.

Gehry New York

Built in 2011, this 76 story tower is North America’s tallest all-residential building. It is officially known as Eight Spruce Street. This is New York City’s 12th tallest building and the first skyscraper designed by L.A. architect Frank Gehry.

Woolworth Building

This was the world’s tallest building when it was completed in 1913 until 1930. Seen in countless movies, this 57 story neo-Gothic beauty it is New York City’s 20th tallest building. Designed by then super-starchitect Cass Gilbert, it was called the ‘Cathedral of Commerce’. The Woolworth Company sold it in 1998.

The Flatiron Building

Standing at 285 feet tall and built in 1902, this iconic 21 floor building sits on an area shaped like a triangular shaped area. It is bounded by Broadway, Fifth Avenue and 22nd and 23rd Street. It’s called the Flatiron Building because it’s shaped like a flat clothing iron.

Metropolitan Life Tower

This 50 story building is 700 feet tall and was built in 1909. Its tower has clocks on all four of its sides. Located at Broadway and 5th Avenue at 23rd Street, it is New York City’s 42nd tallest building.

Empire State Building

Arguably the world’s most famous skyscraper, from its completing in 1931 until 1971 it was the world’s tallest building. New York’s 2nd tallest building, the American Society of Civil Engineers called this art-Deco tower one of the modern world’s Seven Wonders. It has 103 stories and stands 1,454 feet tall.

The Chrysler Building

Located at 405 Lexington Avenue, this 1,046 feet tall building has 77 floors and is NYC’s 4th tallest building. Built in 1930, the mural on the ceiling along with the first digital clock, both in the lobby, are not to be missed.